Raffi - Singable songs for the very youngSince we (finally) hooked up our turntable, Raffi‘s Singable songs for the very young has been in pretty high rotation. I listened to it a lot as a little kid, and now Max is too (the same copy). It’s got amazing musicians playing on it, like Bob Doige and several Whiteleys, but this segment from the credits was lost on me as a toddler:

Dan Lanois – mandolin (side 1, no.8)/bass drum; besides performing with Ray Materick, and Sylvia Tyson, Dan likes to compose music; Dan and his brother Bob own and run MSR Productions.

Now, playing with Sylvia Tyson and Ray Materick is about as close to stardom as I could ever hope for, but oh yeah – Dan will also make brilliant records of his own and produce The Joshua Tree, Teatro, Wrecking Ball, So, a ton of of other U2 and, of course, the year after this record, More Singable Songs, another of my big childhood hits.

“Dan likes to compose music”