Everything all the time

Everything All The TimeI just spent the day recording with Everything All The Time. I’ve been a member of this band off and on for a few years. It’s off right now, but they were generous enough to invite me to play on The Pinnacle, a song we reworked while I was a member.

I love playing with EATT, and I regret having to leave – between baby, school and work I had no chance. The music is fantastic, but even more than that, they’re so good to work with. Everybody has enormous input compositionally and nobody’s afraid to speak their mind when something’s not working. It’s a warm, happy, effortless environment. A perfect balance between good, danceable music and creativity (often outright weirdness) that’s usually really difficult to get right.


MandelbrutMy friend Luis (Mandelbrut) just sent me a link to his new website. He’s doing a weekly noise podcast, which can be nothing but amazing. Luis is one of the most interesting, most creative and scariest musicians I know. He’s also hand-built most of his gear, which includes tons of electronic effects, a few physical instruments and several really classy and strange synths.

I think it’s really cool that he’s sharing an album of music with the world for free on a weekly basis.

Mandelbrut Official Website /Buy Mandelbrut on Bandcamp